Why Could A Wheelie Bin Lock Be A Beneficial Purchase?

Why Could A Wheelie Bin Lock Be A Beneficial Purchase?

Although perhaps not the most conventional location in which to install a security measure, the fact of the matter is that it is of the utmost importance to safeguard the contents of your wheelie bin. Regardless of if you are at home, or residing at your corporate residence, this is where documents containing sensitive information end up once you no longer have a use for them. Unfortunately, this makes them a target for criminals, hence why you should try to prevent the lids opening with ease. When you come to Locksmith Supplies, you have access to countless products that function in this manner. Below, you can learn about why it is that this could be a beneficial purchase going forward.

Prevents Criminal Activity

Arguably the main reason as to why so many individuals in the UK are coming to the conclusion that wheelie bin locks are a wise investment, is because of the way in which they deter criminal activity. In all likelihood, this is somewhere that you will throw loose pieces of paper out without a care in the world. However, these could contain private data pertaining to you, and if in the wrong hands, could lead to identity theft, amongst other things. Thankfully, the solution is remarkably simple, in the form of a wheelie bin lock.

Eliminates Litter Problems

As you may have already noticed, here in the UK we are subject to rather adverse weather all year round. Whilst we have grown relatively accustomed to this, there is no doubt that the wind still causes an array of issues. Case-and-point, on particularly bad days, your wheelie bins can easily end up on their side, with the contents strewn across the street - this constitutes as littering. If, however, you opt to put into place a specially-designed lock, this issue will cease to be a bother. 

Avoids Neighbour Usage

Up-and-down the country, homeowners are facing a similar problem from passers-by; namely, that they choose to offload their rubbish into whichever wheelie bin is closest to hand, without a second-thought for who owns it. The same can be said for neighbours - if their bins are full, they may decide that the best thing to do is quickly use your free space. For those of you that are looking to make this type of problem a thing of the past, you need look no further than a binpin bracket, or traditional padlock.

What Can We Offer You?

If you decide that you would like to invest in a wheelie bin lid lock, you will be thrilled to hear that there are various different products available to you. Were you to take a quick look through the options provided by Locksmith Supplies, it would quickly become apparent that not only are they easy-to-install, but also fantastic from a practical point of view. Take, for example, the WBD Lid Locking System - whilst simple in its composition, it has proven time-and-again that it can produce a desirable outcome for its owner.

Need More Information?


Should you be someone that is new to the world of locking products for wheelie and commercial bins, it is understandable that before proceeding any further, you may wish to learn a little more about the best course-of-action for your particular circumstances. In these types of instances, the team here at Locksmith Supplies are pleased to be able to offer some much-needed advice. Having first opened our doors thirty years ago, we are well-versed in the wide-range of lock-related units currently in circulation. If you wish to chat to one of our representatives, we suggest giving us a call on 01858 435 905. Alternatively, why not write to us using the convenient enquiry form situated on our website?