Cisa Astral S Euro Double Cylinder

Code: CISA_0088
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Laminated segment pack increases resistance to snapping
10 Pin Key Bitting System
Brass cylinder body & plugs
16 million key differs
Pick, Drill & Bump Resistant
Supplied With 3 Reversible Flat Keys and cylinder retaining screw
Product Specs
L16046 FinishNickel Plated
L16046 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16046 Length60mm
L16046 PackagingBoxed
L16046 A Side30mm
L16046 B Side30mm
L16047 FinishPolished Brass
L16047 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16047 Length60mm
L16047 PackagingBoxed
L16047 A Side30mm
L16047 B Side30mm
L16048 FinishNickel Plated
L16048 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16048 Length70mm
L16048 PackagingBoxed
L16048 A Side30mm
L16048 B Side40mm
L16049 FinishPolished Brass
L16049 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16049 Length70mm
L16049 PackagingBoxed
L16049 A Side30mm
L16049 B Side40mm
L16050 FinishNickel Plated
L16050 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16050 Length70mm
L16050 PackagingBoxed
L16050 A Side35mm
L16050 B Side35mm
L16051 FinishPolished Brass
L16051 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16051 Length70mm
L16051 PackagingBoxed
L16051 A Side35mm
L16051 B Side35mm
L16052 FinishNickel Plated
L16052 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16052 Length75mm
L16052 PackagingBoxed
L16052 A Side35mm
L16052 B Side40mm
L16053 FinishPolished Brass
L16053 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16053 Length75mm
L16053 PackagingBoxed
L16053 A Side35mm
L16053 B Side40mm
L16054 FinishNickel Plated
L16054 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16054 Length80mm
L16054 PackagingBoxed
L16054 A Side30mm
L16054 B Side50mm
L16055 FinishPolished Brass
L16055 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16055 Length80mm
L16055 PackagingBoxed
L16055 A Side30mm
L16055 B Side50mm
L16056 FinishNickel Plated
L16056 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16056 Length80mm
L16056 PackagingBoxed
L16056 A Side35mm
L16056 B Side45mm
L16057 FinishPolished Brass
L16057 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16057 Length80mm
L16057 PackagingBoxed
L16057 A Side35mm
L16057 B Side45mm
L16058 FinishNickel Plated
L16058 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16058 Length80mm
L16058 PackagingBoxed
L16058 A Side40mm
L16058 B Side40mm
L16059 FinishPolished Brass
L16059 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16059 Length80mm
L16059 PackagingBoxed
L16059 A Side40mm
L16059 B Side40mm
L16060 FinishNickel Plated
L16060 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16060 Length85mm
L16060 PackagingBoxed
L16060 A Side35mm
L16060 B Side50mm
L16061 FinishPolished Brass
L16061 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16061 Length85mm
L16061 PackagingBoxed
L16061 A Side35mm
L16061 B Side50mm
L16062 FinishNickel Plated
L16062 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16062 Length85mm
L16062 PackagingBoxed
L16062 A Side40mm
L16062 B Side45mm
L16063 FinishPolished Brass
L16063 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16063 Length85mm
L16063 PackagingBoxed
L16063 A Side40mm
L16063 B Side45mm
L16064 FinishNickel Plated
L16064 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16064 Length90mm
L16064 PackagingBoxed
L16064 A Side30mm
L16064 B Side60mm
L16065 FinishPolished Brass
L16065 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16065 Length90mm
L16065 PackagingBoxed
L16065 A Side30mm
L16065 B Side60mm
L16066 FinishNickel Plated
L16066 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16066 Length90mm
L16066 PackagingBoxed
L16066 A Side35mm
L16066 B Side55mm
L16067 FinishPolished Brass
L16067 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16067 Length90mm
L16067 PackagingBoxed
L16067 A Side35mm
L16067 B Side55mm
L16068 FinishNickel Plated
L16068 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16068 Length90mm
L16068 PackagingBoxed
L16068 A Side40mm
L16068 B Side50mm
L16069 FinishPolished Brass
L16069 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16069 Length90mm
L16069 PackagingBoxed
L16069 A Side40mm
L16069 B Side50mm
L16070 FinishNickel Plated
L16070 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16070 Length90mm
L16070 PackagingBoxed
L16070 A Side45mm
L16070 B Side45mm
L16071 FinishPolished Brass
L16071 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16071 Length90mm
L16071 PackagingBoxed
L16071 A Side45mm
L16071 B Side45mm
L16072 FinishNickel Plated
L16072 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16072 Length100mm
L16072 PackagingBoxed
L16072 A Side40mm
L16072 B Side60mm
L16073 FinishPolished Brass
L16073 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16073 Length100mm
L16073 PackagingBoxed
L16073 A Side40mm
L16073 B Side60mm
L16074 FinishNickel Plated
L16074 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16074 Length100mm
L16074 PackagingBoxed
L16074 A Side45mm
L16074 B Side55mm
L16075 FinishNickel Plated
L16075 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16075 Length100mm
L16075 PackagingBoxed
L16075 A Side50mm
L16075 B Side50mm
L16076 FinishPolished Brass
L16076 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16076 Length100mm
L16076 PackagingBoxed
L16076 A Side50mm
L16076 B Side50mm
L16096 FinishPolished Brass
L16096 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16096 Length100mm
L16096 PackagingBoxed
L16096 A Side45mm
L16096 B Side55mm
L16193 FinishNickel Plated
L16193 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16193 Length95mm
L16193 PackagingBoxed
L16193 A Side40mm
L16193 B Side55mm
L16194 FinishPolished Brass
L16194 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16194 Length95mm
L16194 PackagingBoxed
L16194 A Side40mm
L16194 B Side55mm
L16195 FinishNickel Plated
L16195 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16195 Length95mm
L16195 PackagingBoxed
L16195 A Side45mm
L16195 B Side50mm
L16196 FinishPolished Brass
L16196 KeyedKeyed To Differ
L16196 Length95mm
L16196 PackagingBoxed
L16196 A Side45mm
L16196 B Side50mm

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The Waste & Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 (WEEE Regulations) 
Faulty or end of life Asec products that are out of warranty and fall within the scope of the WEEE directive can be returned to us. The paperwork should be marked as "Products Returned as WEEE" and these items will be segregated upon receipt. Aldridge Security Ltd will arrange for these products to be collected from our premises on a regular basis by our licensed waste handlers.