Asec Kite Elite 3 Star Snap Resistant Double Euro Cylinder

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Snap Resistant - Break away sections
BSI Kitemarked - Guarantee quality and safety
Drill Resistant - Configuration
3 star rating meets security standard BS EN 1303:2005 TS007 2012
Pick Resistance - Provided by special driver profile
Bump Resistant
The Asec Kite Elite range includes cylinders that are Secured By Design approved and have a TS007 3 Star rating; this gives protection and reassurance to end users. The cylinders are snap resistant, anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill and are compliant w
Product Specs
AS10332 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10332 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10332 Keys Supplied 3
AS10332 Length 70mm
AS10332 Packaging Visi
AS10332 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10332 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS10332 B Side 35mm
AS10333 Finish Satin Brass
AS10333 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10333 Keys Supplied 3
AS10333 Length 70mm
AS10333 Packaging Visi
AS10333 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10333 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS10333 B Side 35mm
AS10334 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10334 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10334 Keys Supplied 3
AS10334 Length 75mm
AS10334 Packaging Visi
AS10334 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10334 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS10334 B Side 40mm
AS10335 Finish Satin Brass
AS10335 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10335 Keys Supplied 3
AS10335 Length 75mm
AS10335 Packaging Visi
AS10335 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10335 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS10335 B Side 40mm
AS10336 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10336 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10336 Keys Supplied 3
AS10336 Length 75mm
AS10336 Packaging Visi
AS10336 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10336 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10336 B Side 35mm
AS10337 Finish Satin Brass
AS10337 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10337 Keys Supplied 3
AS10337 Length 75mm
AS10337 Packaging Visi
AS10337 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10337 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10337 B Side 35mm
AS10338 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10338 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10338 Keys Supplied 3
AS10338 Length 80mm
AS10338 Packaging Visi
AS10338 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10338 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS10338 B Side 45mm
AS10339 Finish Satin Brass
AS10339 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10339 Keys Supplied 3
AS10339 Length 80mm
AS10339 Packaging Visi
AS10339 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10339 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS10339 B Side 45mm
AS10340 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10340 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10340 Keys Supplied 3
AS10340 Length 80mm
AS10340 Packaging Visi
AS10340 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10340 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10340 B Side 35mm
AS10341 Finish Satin Brass
AS10341 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10341 Keys Supplied 3
AS10341 Length 80mm
AS10341 Packaging Visi
AS10341 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10341 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10341 B Side 35mm
AS10342 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10342 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10342 Keys Supplied 3
AS10342 Length 85mm
AS10342 Packaging Visi
AS10342 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10342 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS10342 B Side 50mm
AS10343 Finish Satin Brass
AS10343 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10343 Keys Supplied 3
AS10343 Length 85mm
AS10343 Packaging Visi
AS10343 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10343 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS10343 B Side 50mm
AS10344 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10344 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10344 Keys Supplied 3
AS10344 Length 85mm
AS10344 Packaging Visi
AS10344 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10344 A Side 50mm Breakaway Side
AS10344 B Side 35mm
AS10345 Finish Satin Brass
AS10345 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10345 Keys Supplied 3
AS10345 Length 85mm
AS10345 Packaging Visi
AS10345 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10345 A Side 50mm Breakaway Side
AS10345 B Side 35mm
AS10346 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10346 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10346 Keys Supplied 3
AS10346 Length 90mm
AS10346 Packaging Visi
AS10346 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10346 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS10346 B Side 55mm
AS10347 Finish Satin Brass
AS10347 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10347 Keys Supplied 3
AS10347 Length 90mm
AS10347 Packaging Visi
AS10347 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10347 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS10347 B Side 55mm
AS10348 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10348 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10348 Keys Supplied 3
AS10348 Length 90mm
AS10348 Packaging Visi
AS10348 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10348 A Side 55mm Breakaway Side
AS10348 B Side 35mm
AS10349 Finish Satin Brass
AS10349 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10349 Keys Supplied 3
AS10349 Length 90mm
AS10349 Packaging Visi
AS10349 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10349 A Side 55mm Breakaway Side
AS10349 B Side 35mm
AS10350 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10350 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10350 Keys Supplied 3
AS10350 Length 80mm
AS10350 Packaging Visi
AS10350 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10350 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10350 B Side 40mm
AS10351 Finish Satin Brass
AS10351 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10351 Keys Supplied 3
AS10351 Length 80mm
AS10351 Packaging Visi
AS10351 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10351 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10351 B Side 40mm
AS10352 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10352 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10352 Keys Supplied 3
AS10352 Length 85mm
AS10352 Packaging Visi
AS10352 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10352 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10352 B Side 45mm
AS10353 Finish Satin Brass
AS10353 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10353 Keys Supplied 3
AS10353 Length 85mm
AS10353 Packaging Visi
AS10353 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10353 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10353 B Side 45mm
AS10354 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10354 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10354 Keys Supplied 3
AS10354 Length 85mm
AS10354 Packaging Visi
AS10354 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10354 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10354 B Side 40mm
AS10355 Finish Satin Brass
AS10355 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10355 Keys Supplied 3
AS10355 Length 85mm
AS10355 Packaging Visi
AS10355 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10355 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10355 B Side 40mm
AS10356 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10356 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10356 Keys Supplied 3
AS10356 Length 90mm
AS10356 Packaging Visi
AS10356 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10356 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10356 B Side 50mm
AS10357 Finish Satin Brass
AS10357 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10357 Keys Supplied 3
AS10357 Length 90mm
AS10357 Packaging Visi
AS10357 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10357 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10357 B Side 50mm
AS10358 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10358 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10358 Keys Supplied 3
AS10358 Length 90mm
AS10358 Packaging Visi
AS10358 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10358 A Side 50mm Breakaway Side
AS10358 B Side 40mm
AS10359 Finish Satin Brass
AS10359 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10359 Keys Supplied 3
AS10359 Length 90mm
AS10359 Packaging Visi
AS10359 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10359 A Side 50mm Breakaway Side
AS10359 B Side 40mm
AS10360 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10360 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10360 Keys Supplied 3
AS10360 Length 95mm
AS10360 Packaging Visi
AS10360 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10360 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10360 B Side 55mm
AS10361 Finish Satin Brass
AS10361 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10361 Keys Supplied 3
AS10361 Length 95mm
AS10361 Packaging Visi
AS10361 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10361 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10361 B Side 55mm
AS10362 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10362 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10362 Keys Supplied 3
AS10362 Length 95mm
AS10362 Packaging Visi
AS10362 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10362 A Side 55mm Breakaway Side
AS10362 B Side 40mm
AS10363 Finish Satin Brass
AS10363 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10363 Keys Supplied 3
AS10363 Length 95mm
AS10363 Packaging Visi
AS10363 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10363 A Side 55mm Breakaway Side
AS10363 B Side 40mm
AS10364 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10364 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10364 Keys Supplied 3
AS10364 Length 100mm
AS10364 Packaging Visi
AS10364 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10364 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10364 B Side 60mm
AS10365 Finish Satin Brass
AS10365 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10365 Keys Supplied 3
AS10365 Length 100mm
AS10365 Packaging Visi
AS10365 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10365 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS10365 B Side 60mm
AS10366 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10366 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10366 Keys Supplied 3
AS10366 Length 100mm
AS10366 Packaging Visi
AS10366 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10366 A Side 60mm Breakaway Side
AS10366 B Side 40mm
AS10367 Finish Satin Brass
AS10367 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10367 Keys Supplied 3
AS10367 Length 100mm
AS10367 Packaging Visi
AS10367 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10367 A Side 60mm Breakaway Side
AS10367 B Side 40mm
AS10368 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10368 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10368 Keys Supplied 3
AS10368 Length 90mm
AS10368 Packaging Visi
AS10368 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10368 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10368 B Side 45mm
AS10369 Finish Satin Brass
AS10369 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10369 Keys Supplied 3
AS10369 Length 90mm
AS10369 Packaging Visi
AS10369 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10369 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10369 B Side 45mm
AS10370 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10370 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10370 Keys Supplied 3
AS10370 Length 95mm
AS10370 Packaging Visi
AS10370 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10370 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10370 B Side 50mm
AS10371 Finish Satin Brass
AS10371 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10371 Keys Supplied 3
AS10371 Length 95mm
AS10371 Packaging Visi
AS10371 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10371 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10371 B Side 50mm
AS10372 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10372 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10372 Keys Supplied 3
AS10372 Length 95mm
AS10372 Packaging Visi
AS10372 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10372 A Side 50mm Breakaway Side
AS10372 B Side 45mm
AS10373 Finish Satin Brass
AS10373 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10373 Keys Supplied 3
AS10373 Length 95mm
AS10373 Packaging Visi
AS10373 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10373 A Side 50mm Breakaway Side
AS10373 B Side 45mm
AS10374 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10374 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10374 Keys Supplied 3
AS10374 Length 100mm
AS10374 Packaging Visi
AS10374 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10374 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10374 B Side 55mm
AS10375 Finish Satin Brass
AS10375 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10375 Keys Supplied 3
AS10375 Length 100mm
AS10375 Packaging Visi
AS10375 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10375 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10375 B Side 55mm
AS10376 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10376 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10376 Keys Supplied 3
AS10376 Length 100mm
AS10376 Packaging Visi
AS10376 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10376 A Side 55mm Breakaway Side
AS10376 B Side 45mm
AS10377 Finish Satin Brass
AS10377 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10377 Keys Supplied 3
AS10377 Length 100mm
AS10377 Packaging Visi
AS10377 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10377 A Side 55mm Breakaway Side
AS10377 B Side 45mm
AS10378 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10378 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10378 Keys Supplied 3
AS10378 Length 105mm
AS10378 Packaging Visi
AS10378 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10378 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10378 B Side 60mm
AS10379 Finish Satin Brass
AS10379 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10379 Keys Supplied 3
AS10379 Length 105mm
AS10379 Packaging Visi
AS10379 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10379 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS10379 B Side 60mm
AS10380 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10380 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10380 Keys Supplied 3
AS10380 Length 105mm
AS10380 Packaging Visi
AS10380 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10380 A Side 60mm Breakaway Side
AS10380 B Side 45mm
AS10381 Finish Satin Brass
AS10381 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10381 Keys Supplied 3
AS10381 Length 105mm
AS10381 Packaging Visi
AS10381 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10381 A Side 60mm Breakaway Side
AS10381 B Side 45mm
AS10382 Finish Nickel Plated
AS10382 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10382 Keys Supplied 3
AS10382 Length 100mm
AS10382 Packaging Visi
AS10382 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10382 A Side 50mm Breakaway Side
AS10382 B Side 50mm
AS10383 Finish Satin Brass
AS10383 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS10383 Keys Supplied 3
AS10383 Length 100mm
AS10383 Packaging Visi
AS10383 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS10383 A Side 50mm Breakaway Side
AS10383 B Side 50mm
AS11828 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11828 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11828 Keys Supplied 3
AS11828 Length 75mm
AS11828 Packaging Visi
AS11828 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11828 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS11828 B Side 40mm
AS11829 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11829 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11829 Keys Supplied 3
AS11829 Length 75mm
AS11829 Packaging Visi
AS11829 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11829 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS11829 B Side 35mm
AS11830 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11830 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11830 Keys Supplied 3
AS11830 Length 80mm
AS11830 Packaging Visi
AS11830 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11830 A Side 35mm Breakaway Side
AS11830 B Side 45mm
AS11831 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11831 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11831 Keys Supplied 3
AS11831 Length 80mm
AS11831 Packaging Visi
AS11831 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11831 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS11831 B Side 35mm
AS11832 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11832 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11832 Keys Supplied 3
AS11832 Length 85mm
AS11832 Packaging Visi
AS11832 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11832 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS11832 B Side 45mm
AS11834 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11834 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11834 Keys Supplied 3
AS11834 Length 85mm
AS11834 Packaging Visi
AS11834 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11834 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS11834 B Side 40mm
AS11835 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11835 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11835 Keys Supplied 3
AS11835 Length 90mm
AS11835 Packaging Visi
AS11835 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11835 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS11835 B Side 50mm
AS11836 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11836 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11836 Keys Supplied 3
AS11836 Length 90mm
AS11836 Packaging Visi
AS11836 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11836 A Side 50mm Breakaway Side
AS11836 B Side 40mm
AS11837 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11837 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11837 Keys Supplied 3
AS11837 Length 100mm
AS11837 Packaging Visi
AS11837 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11837 A Side 40mm Breakaway Side
AS11837 B Side 60mm
AS11838 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11838 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11838 Keys Supplied 3
AS11838 Length 100mm
AS11838 Packaging Visi
AS11838 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11838 A Side 60mm Breakaway Side
AS11838 B Side 40mm
AS11840 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11840 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11840 Keys Supplied 3
AS11840 Length 95mm
AS11840 Packaging Visi
AS11840 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11840 A Side 50mm Breakaway Side
AS11840 B Side 45mm
AS11841 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11841 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11841 Keys Supplied 3
AS11841 Length 100mm
AS11841 Packaging Visi
AS11841 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11841 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS11841 B Side 55mm
AS11842 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11842 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11842 Keys Supplied 3
AS11842 Length 100mm
AS11842 Packaging Visi
AS11842 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11842 A Side 55mm Breakaway Side
AS11842 B Side 45mm
AS11833 Finish Chrome Plated
AS11833 Keyed Keyed To Differ
AS11833 Keys Supplied 3
AS11833 Length 90mm
AS11833 Packaging Visi
AS11833 Standards TS007 3 Star
AS11833 A Side 45mm Breakaway Side
AS11833 B Side 45mm

Returns Policy

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No returns can be accepted for credit unless previously agreed by us and an official Returns Reference has been issued. A charge of 20% of invoice value or a minimum of £10 will be levied on Goods “not wanted” or “incorrectly ordered”, or due to duplication resulting from a “confirmation” order not being endorsed to that effect. We must receive all goods returned under this category, within thirty (30) days of the original invoice date. You will bear all the costs of returning any Goods under this category. All items returned as faulty are liable to manufacturer inspection. We cannot guarantee replacement or credit; a warranty repair may be given.

The Waste & Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 (WEEE Regulations) 
Faulty or end of life Asec products that are out of warranty and fall within the scope of the WEEE directive can be returned to us. The paperwork should be marked as "Products Returned as WEEE" and these items will be segregated upon receipt. Aldridge Security Ltd will arrange for these products to be collected from our premises on a regular basis by our licensed waste handlers.