Abus 65 Series Brass Open Shackle Padlock

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Pin tumbler cylinder with anti-pick mushroom pins : Resists picking
Hardened steel Shackle 20mm - 30mm, through hardened steel alloy Shackle 40mm & above
Numerous KA/MK suites available : Multiple site security
Double bolted, for more shackle strength
The best selling ABUS 65 series padlocks offer a selection of hardened steel, brass & stainless steel options
Product Specs
L19091 Body Depth 10mm
L19091 Body Width 16mm
L19091 Finish Brass
L19091 Height 32mm
L19091 Horizontal Clearance 8mm
L19091 Key Series 9328
L19091 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19091 Mechanism 3 Pin
L19091 Packaging Visi
L19091 Shackle Diameter 3mm
L19091 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19091 Vertical Clearance 12mm
L19093 Body Depth 10mm
L19093 Body Width 20mm
L19093 Finish Brass
L19093 Height 34mm
L19093 Horizontal Clearance 9.5mm
L19093 Key Series 11405
L19093 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19093 Mechanism 3 Pin
L19093 Packaging Visi
L19093 Shackle Diameter 3.5mm
L19093 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19093 Vertical Clearance 11.5mm
L19095 Body Depth 10mm
L19095 Body Width 20mm
L19095 Finish Brass
L19095 Height 34mm
L19095 Horizontal Clearance 9.5mm
L19095 Key Series 11405
L19095 Keyed Keyed Alike Pair
L19095 Mechanism 3 Pin
L19095 Packaging Visi
L19095 Shackle Diameter 3.5mm
L19095 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19095 Vertical Clearance 11.5mm
L19096 Body Depth 12mm
L19096 Body Width 25mm
L19096 Finish Brass
L19096 Height 42mm
L19096 Horizontal Clearance 13.5mm
L19096 Key Series 11406
L19096 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19096 Mechanism 3 Pin
L19096 Packaging Visi
L19096 Shackle Diameter 4mm
L19096 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19096 Vertical Clearance 13.5mm
L19097 Body Depth 14mm
L19097 Body Width 30mm
L19097 Finish Brass
L19097 Height 50mm
L19097 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19097 Key Series 12021
L19097 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19097 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19097 Packaging Visi
L19097 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19097 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19097 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19098 Body Depth 14mm
L19098 Body Width 30mm
L19098 Finish Brass
L19098 Height 50mm
L19098 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19098 Key Series 12021
L19098 Keyed Keyed Alike Quad
L19098 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19098 Packaging Visi
L19098 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19098 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19098 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19099 Body Depth 14mm
L19099 Body Width 30mm
L19099 Finish Brass
L19099 Height 50mm
L19099 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19099 Key Series 12021
L19099 Keyed Keyed Alike Pair
L19099 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19099 Packaging Visi
L19099 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19099 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19099 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19101 Body Depth 15mm
L19101 Body Width 35mm
L19101 Finish Brass
L19101 Height 55mm
L19101 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19101 Key Series 12021
L19101 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19101 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19101 Packaging Visi
L19101 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19101 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19101 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19102 Body Depth 15mm
L19102 Body Width 40mm
L19102 Finish Brass
L19102 Height 62mm
L19102 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19102 Key Series 12022
L19102 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19102 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19102 Packaging Visi
L19102 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19102 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19102 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19103 Body Depth 15mm
L19103 Body Width 40mm
L19103 Finish Brass
L19103 Height 62mm
L19103 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19103 Key Series 12022
L19103 Keyed Keyed Alike Quad
L19103 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19103 Packaging Visi
L19103 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19103 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19103 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19104 Body Depth 15mm
L19104 Body Width 40mm
L19104 Finish Brass
L19104 Height 62mm
L19104 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19104 Key Series 12022
L19104 Keyed Keyed Alike Pair
L19104 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19104 Packaging Visi
L19104 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19104 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19104 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19107 Body Depth 16mm
L19107 Body Width 45mm
L19107 Finish Brass
L19107 Height 68mm
L19107 Horizontal Clearance 25.5mm
L19107 Key Series 12022
L19107 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19107 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19107 Packaging Visi
L19107 Shackle Diameter 7mm
L19107 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19107 Vertical Clearance 24.5mm
L19108 Body Depth 18mm
L19108 Body Width 50mm
L19108 Finish Brass
L19108 Height 77mm
L19108 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19108 Key Series 12023
L19108 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19108 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19108 Packaging Visi
L19108 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19108 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19108 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19109 Body Depth 18mm
L19109 Body Width 50mm
L19109 Finish Brass
L19109 Height 77mm
L19109 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19109 Key Series 12023
L19109 Keyed Keyed Alike Pair
L19109 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19109 Packaging Visi
L19109 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19109 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19109 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19111 Body Depth 19mm
L19111 Body Width 60mm
L19111 Finish Brass
L19111 Height 91mm
L19111 Horizontal Clearance 33mm
L19111 Key Series 12023
L19111 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19111 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19111 Packaging Visi
L19111 Shackle Diameter 9.5mm
L19111 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19111 Vertical Clearance 35mm
L19120 Body Depth 10mm
L19120 Body Width 20mm
L19120 Finish Brass
L19120 Height 34mm
L19120 Horizontal Clearance 9.5mm
L19120 Key Series 11405
L19120 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19120 Mechanism 3 Pin
L19120 Packaging Boxed
L19120 Shackle Diameter 3.5mm
L19120 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19120 Vertical Clearance 11.5mm
L19121 Body Depth 12mm
L19121 Body Width 25mm
L19121 Finish Brass
L19121 Height 42mm
L19121 Horizontal Clearance 13.5mm
L19121 Key Series 11406
L19121 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19121 Mechanism 3 Pin
L19121 Packaging Boxed
L19121 Shackle Diameter 4mm
L19121 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19121 Vertical Clearance 13.5mm
L19122 Body Depth 14mm
L19122 Body Width 30mm
L19122 Finish Brass
L19122 Height 50mm
L19122 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19122 Key Series 12021
L19122 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19122 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19122 Packaging Boxed
L19122 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19122 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19122 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19124 Body Depth 15mm
L19124 Body Width 35mm
L19124 Finish Brass
L19124 Height 55mm
L19124 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19124 Key Series 12021
L19124 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19124 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19124 Packaging Boxed
L19124 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19124 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19124 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19125 Body Depth 15mm
L19125 Body Width 40mm
L19125 Finish Brass
L19125 Height 62mm
L19125 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19125 Key Series 12022
L19125 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19125 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19125 Packaging Boxed
L19125 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19125 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19125 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19128 Body Depth 16mm
L19128 Body Width 45mm
L19128 Finish Brass
L19128 Height 68mm
L19128 Horizontal Clearance 25.5mm
L19128 Key Series 12022
L19128 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19128 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19128 Packaging Boxed
L19128 Shackle Diameter 7mm
L19128 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19128 Vertical Clearance 24.5mm
L19129 Body Depth 19mm
L19129 Body Width 60mm
L19129 Finish Brass
L19129 Height 91mm
L19129 Horizontal Clearance 33mm
L19129 Key Series 12023
L19129 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19129 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19129 Packaging Boxed
L19129 Shackle Diameter 9.5mm
L19129 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19129 Vertical Clearance 35mm
L19131 Body Depth 19mm
L19131 Body Width 60mm
L19131 Finish Brass
L19131 Height 91mm
L19131 Horizontal Clearance 33mm
L19131 Key Series 12023
L19131 Keyed Keyed To Differ
L19131 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19131 Packaging Boxed
L19131 Shackle Diameter 9.5mm
L19131 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19131 Vertical Clearance 35mm
L19132 Body Depth 10mm
L19132 Body Width 16mm
L19132 Finish Brass
L19132 Height 32mm
L19132 Horizontal Clearance 8mm
L19132 Key Series 9328
L19132 Keyed Keyed Alike - "151
L19132 Mechanism 3 Pin
L19132 Packaging Boxed
L19132 Shackle Diameter 3mm
L19132 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19132 Vertical Clearance 12mm
L19133 Body Depth 10mm
L19133 Body Width 20mm
L19133 Finish Brass
L19133 Height 34mm
L19133 Horizontal Clearance 9.5mm
L19133 Key Series 11405
L19133 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6203
L19133 Mechanism 3 Pin
L19133 Packaging Boxed
L19133 Shackle Diameter 3.5mm
L19133 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19133 Vertical Clearance 11.5mm
L19134 Body Depth 10mm
L19134 Body Width 20mm
L19134 Finish Brass
L19134 Height 34mm
L19134 Horizontal Clearance 9.5mm
L19134 Key Series 11405
L19134 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6204
L19134 Mechanism 3 Pin
L19134 Packaging Boxed
L19134 Shackle Diameter 3.5mm
L19134 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19134 Vertical Clearance 11.5mm
L19136 Body Depth 12mm
L19136 Body Width 25mm
L19136 Finish Brass
L19136 Height 42mm
L19136 Horizontal Clearance 13.5mm
L19136 Key Series 11406
L19136 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6254
L19136 Mechanism 3 Pin
L19136 Packaging Boxed
L19136 Shackle Diameter 4mm
L19136 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19136 Vertical Clearance 13.5mm
L19137 Body Depth 14mm
L19137 Body Width 30mm
L19137 Finish Brass
L19137 Height 50mm
L19137 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19137 Key Series 12021
L19137 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6304
L19137 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19137 Packaging Boxed
L19137 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19137 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19137 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19138 Body Depth 14mm
L19138 Body Width 30mm
L19138 Finish Brass
L19138 Height 50mm
L19138 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19138 Key Series 12021
L19138 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6305
L19138 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19138 Packaging Boxed
L19138 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19138 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19138 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19139 Body Depth 14mm
L19139 Body Width 30mm
L19139 Finish Brass
L19139 Height 50mm
L19139 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19139 Key Series 12021
L19139 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6306
L19139 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19139 Packaging Boxed
L19139 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19139 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19139 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19140 Body Depth 14mm
L19140 Body Width 30mm
L19140 Finish Brass
L19140 Height 50mm
L19140 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19140 Key Series 12021
L19140 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6310
L19140 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19140 Packaging Boxed
L19140 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19140 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19140 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19142 Body Depth 15mm
L19142 Body Width 35mm
L19142 Finish Brass
L19142 Height 62mm
L19142 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19142 Key Series 12021
L19142 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6354
L19142 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19142 Packaging Boxed
L19142 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19142 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19142 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19143 Body Depth 15mm
L19143 Body Width 40mm
L19143 Finish Brass
L19143 Height 62mm
L19143 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19143 Key Series 12022
L19143 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6404
L19143 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19143 Packaging Boxed
L19143 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19143 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19143 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19144 Body Depth 15mm
L19144 Body Width 40mm
L19144 Finish Brass
L19144 Height 62mm
L19144 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19144 Key Series 12022
L19144 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6405
L19144 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19144 Packaging Boxed
L19144 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19144 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19144 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19145 Body Depth 15mm
L19145 Body Width 40mm
L19145 Finish Brass
L19145 Height 62mm
L19145 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19145 Key Series 12022
L19145 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6406
L19145 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19145 Packaging Boxed
L19145 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19145 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19145 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19146 Body Depth 15mm
L19146 Body Width 40mm
L19146 Finish Brass
L19146 Height 77mm
L19146 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19146 Key Series 12022
L19146 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6413
L19146 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19146 Packaging Boxed
L19146 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19146 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19146 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19151 Body Depth 18mm
L19151 Body Width 50mm
L19151 Finish Brass
L19151 Height 91mm
L19151 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19151 Key Series 12023
L19151 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6504
L19151 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19151 Packaging Boxed
L19151 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19151 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19151 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19152 Body Depth 18mm
L19152 Body Width 50mm
L19152 Finish Brass
L19152 Height 91mm
L19152 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19152 Key Series 12023
L19152 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6505
L19152 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19152 Packaging Boxed
L19152 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19152 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19152 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19153 Body Depth 18mm
L19153 Body Width 50mm
L19153 Finish Brass
L19153 Height 91mm
L19153 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19153 Key Series 12023
L19153 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6506
L19153 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19153 Packaging Boxed
L19153 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19153 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19153 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19154 Body Depth 18mm
L19154 Body Width 50mm
L19154 Finish Brass
L19154 Height 77mm
L19154 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19154 Key Series 12023
L19154 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6512
L19154 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19154 Packaging Boxed
L19154 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19154 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19154 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19157 Body Depth 19mm
L19157 Body Width 60mm
L19157 Finish Brass
L19157 Height 91mm
L19157 Horizontal Clearance 33mm
L19157 Key Series 12023
L19157 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6601
L19157 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19157 Packaging Boxed
L19157 Shackle Diameter 9.5mm
L19157 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19157 Vertical Clearance 35mm
L19158 Body Depth 19mm
L19158 Body Width 60mm
L19158 Finish Brass
L19158 Height 91mm
L19158 Horizontal Clearance 33mm
L19158 Key Series 12023
L19158 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6602
L19158 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19158 Packaging Boxed
L19158 Shackle Diameter 9.5mm
L19158 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19158 Vertical Clearance 35mm
L19159 Body Depth 19mm
L19159 Body Width 60mm
L19159 Finish Brass
L19159 Height 91mm
L19159 Horizontal Clearance 33mm
L19159 Key Series 12023
L19159 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6603
L19159 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19159 Packaging Boxed
L19159 Shackle Diameter 9.5mm
L19159 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19159 Vertical Clearance 35mm
L19160 Body Depth 19mm
L19160 Body Width 60mm
L19160 Finish Brass
L19160 Height 91mm
L19160 Horizontal Clearance 33mm
L19160 Key Series 12023
L19160 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6606
L19160 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19160 Packaging Boxed
L19160 Shackle Diameter 9.5mm
L19160 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19160 Vertical Clearance 35mm
L19165 Body Depth 14mm
L19165 Body Width 30mm
L19165 Finish Brass
L19165 Height 50mm
L19165 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19165 Key Series 12021
L19165 Keyed Master Keyed - "65301
L19165 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19165 Packaging Boxed
L19165 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19165 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19165 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19166 Body Depth 14mm
L19166 Body Width 30mm
L19166 Finish Brass
L19166 Height 50mm
L19166 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19166 Key Series 12021
L19166 Keyed Master Keyed - "65302
L19166 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19166 Packaging Boxed
L19166 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19166 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19166 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19167 Body Depth 15mm
L19167 Body Width 40mm
L19167 Finish Brass
L19167 Height 62mm
L19167 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19167 Key Series 12022
L19167 Keyed Master Keyed - "65401
L19167 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19167 Packaging Boxed
L19167 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19167 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19167 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19168 Body Depth 15mm
L19168 Body Width 40mm
L19168 Finish Brass
L19168 Height 62mm
L19168 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19168 Key Series 12022
L19168 Keyed Master Keyed - "65402
L19168 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19168 Packaging Boxed
L19168 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19168 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19168 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19169 Body Depth 18mm
L19169 Body Width 50mm
L19169 Finish Brass
L19169 Height 77mm
L19169 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19169 Key Series 12023
L19169 Keyed Master Keyed - "65501
L19169 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19169 Packaging Boxed
L19169 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19169 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19169 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19170 Body Depth 18mm
L19170 Body Width 50mm
L19170 Finish Brass
L19170 Height 77mm
L19170 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19170 Key Series 12023
L19170 Keyed Master Keyed - "65502
L19170 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19170 Packaging Boxed
L19170 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19170 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19170 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19526 Body Depth 14mm
L19526 Body Width 30mm
L19526 Finish Brass
L19526 Height 50mm
L19526 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19526 Key Series 2688
L19526 Keyed Keyed Alike - "304
L19526 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19526 Packaging Boxed
L19526 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19526 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19526 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19527 Body Depth 14mm
L19527 Body Width 30mm
L19527 Finish Brass
L19527 Height 50mm
L19527 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19527 Key Series 2688
L19527 Keyed Keyed Alike - "305
L19527 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19527 Packaging Boxed
L19527 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19527 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19527 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19528 Body Depth 14mm
L19528 Body Width 30mm
L19528 Finish Brass
L19528 Height 50mm
L19528 Horizontal Clearance 16mm
L19528 Key Series 2688
L19528 Keyed Keyed Alike - "306
L19528 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19528 Packaging Boxed
L19528 Shackle Diameter 5mm
L19528 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19528 Vertical Clearance 17.5mm
L19529 Body Depth 15mm
L19529 Body Width 40mm
L19529 Finish Brass
L19529 Height 62mm
L19529 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19529 Key Series 2688
L19529 Keyed Keyed Alike - "401
L19529 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19529 Packaging Boxed
L19529 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19529 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19529 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19530 Body Depth 15mm
L19530 Body Width 40mm
L19530 Finish Brass
L19530 Height 62mm
L19530 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19530 Key Series 2688
L19530 Keyed Keyed Alike - "402
L19530 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19530 Packaging Boxed
L19530 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19530 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19530 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19531 Body Depth 15mm
L19531 Body Width 40mm
L19531 Finish Brass
L19531 Height 62mm
L19531 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19531 Key Series 2688
L19531 Keyed Keyed Alike - "403
L19531 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19531 Packaging Boxed
L19531 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19531 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19531 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19532 Body Depth 15mm
L19532 Body Width 40mm
L19532 Finish Brass
L19532 Height 62mm
L19532 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19532 Key Series 2688
L19532 Keyed Keyed Alike - "404
L19532 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19532 Packaging Boxed
L19532 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19532 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19532 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19533 Body Depth 15mm
L19533 Body Width 40mm
L19533 Finish Brass
L19533 Height 62mm
L19533 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19533 Key Series 2688
L19533 Keyed Keyed Alike - "405
L19533 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19533 Packaging Boxed
L19533 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19533 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19533 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19534 Body Depth 15mm
L19534 Body Width 40mm
L19534 Finish Brass
L19534 Height 62mm
L19534 Horizontal Clearance 22mm
L19534 Key Series 2688
L19534 Keyed Keyed Alike - "406
L19534 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19534 Packaging Boxed
L19534 Shackle Diameter 6.5mm
L19534 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19534 Vertical Clearance 22.5mm
L19537 Body Depth 16mm
L19537 Body Width 45mm
L19537 Finish Brass
L19537 Height 68mm
L19537 Horizontal Clearance 25.5mm
L19537 Key Series 2688
L19537 Keyed Keyed Alike - "454
L19537 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19537 Packaging Boxed
L19537 Shackle Diameter 7mm
L19537 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19537 Vertical Clearance 24.5mm
L19538 Body Depth 16mm
L19538 Body Width 45mm
L19538 Finish Brass
L19538 Height 68mm
L19538 Horizontal Clearance 25.5mm
L19538 Key Series 12022
L19538 Keyed Keyed Alike - "6454
L19538 Mechanism 5 Pin
L19538 Packaging Boxed
L19538 Shackle Diameter 7mm
L19538 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19538 Vertical Clearance 24.5mm
L19539 Body Depth 18mm
L19539 Body Width 50mm
L19539 Finish Brass
L19539 Height 77mm
L19539 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19539 Key Series 2896
L19539 Keyed Keyed Alike - "501
L19539 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19539 Packaging Boxed
L19539 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19539 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19539 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19540 Body Depth 18mm
L19540 Body Width 50mm
L19540 Finish Brass
L19540 Height 77mm
L19540 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19540 Key Series 2896
L19540 Keyed Keyed Alike - "502
L19540 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19540 Packaging Boxed
L19540 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19540 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19540 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19541 Body Depth 18mm
L19541 Body Width 50mm
L19541 Finish Brass
L19541 Height 77mm
L19541 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19541 Key Series 2896
L19541 Keyed Keyed Alike - "503
L19541 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19541 Packaging Boxed
L19541 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19541 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19541 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19542 Body Depth 18mm
L19542 Body Width 50mm
L19542 Finish Brass
L19542 Height 77mm
L19542 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19542 Key Series 2896
L19542 Keyed Keyed Alike - "504
L19542 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19542 Packaging Boxed
L19542 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19542 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19542 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19543 Body Depth 18mm
L19543 Body Width 50mm
L19543 Finish Brass
L19543 Height 77mm
L19543 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19543 Key Series 2896
L19543 Keyed Keyed Alike - "505
L19543 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19543 Packaging Boxed
L19543 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19543 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19543 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19544 Body Depth 18mm
L19544 Body Width 50mm
L19544 Finish Brass
L19544 Height 77mm
L19544 Horizontal Clearance 28mm
L19544 Key Series 2896
L19544 Keyed Keyed Alike - "506
L19544 Mechanism 4 Pin
L19544 Packaging Boxed
L19544 Shackle Diameter 8mm
L19544 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19544 Vertical Clearance 29mm
L19546 Body Depth 19mm
L19546 Body Width 60mm
L19546 Finish Brass
L19546 Height 91mm
L19546 Horizontal Clearance 33mm
L19546 Key Series 2896
L19546 Keyed Keyed Alike - "601
L19546 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19546 Packaging Boxed
L19546 Shackle Diameter 9.5mm
L19546 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19546 Vertical Clearance 35mm
L19547 Body Depth 19mm
L19547 Body Width 60mm
L19547 Finish Brass
L19547 Height 91mm
L19547 Horizontal Clearance 33mm
L19547 Key Series 2896
L19547 Keyed Keyed Alike - "603
L19547 Mechanism 6 Pin
L19547 Packaging Boxed
L19547 Shackle Diameter 9.5mm
L19547 Shackle Finish Hardened Steel
L19547 Vertical Clearance 35mm

Returns Policy

Our aim is to keep our customers happy

No returns can be accepted for credit unless previously agreed by us and an official Returns Reference has been issued. A charge of 20% of invoice value or a minimum of £10 will be levied on Goods “not wanted” or “incorrectly ordered”, or due to duplication resulting from a “confirmation” order not being endorsed to that effect. We must receive all goods returned under this category, within thirty (30) days of the original invoice date. You will bear all the costs of returning any Goods under this category. All items returned as faulty are liable to manufacturer inspection. We cannot guarantee replacement or credit; a warranty repair may be given.

The Waste & Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 (WEEE Regulations) 
Faulty or end of life Asec products that are out of warranty and fall within the scope of the WEEE directive can be returned to us. The paperwork should be marked as "Products Returned as WEEE" and these items will be segregated upon receipt. Aldridge Security Ltd will arrange for these products to be collected from our premises on a regular basis by our licensed waste handlers.